GE Gas Turbine Repair Services

TRS Global Services brings decades of turbine engine repair expertise to the GE gas turbine engine repair process. Our capabilities include GE nozzles, transition pieces, fuel nozzles, liners, baskets and more.

With a careful focus on quality and special attention to delivering outstanding customer service at competitive prices, TRS is a reliable partner in turbine engine repair. See below for more specific information on our turbine repair services.

Models Serviced

Frame 3
Frame 5 A-P
Frame 5
Frame 6 A-B
Frame 6 B
Frame 7 B-E/EA
Frame 7 B-FA
Frame 7 B/C/E/EA
Frame 9
Frame 9 E

Available Turbine Repair Services:

Fuel/Nozzles/Pilots/Support Housings
Receive, disassemble, clean, inspect, hydro-test, flow test, weld repair, machine, replace rockets and heat shields, straighten and correct run-outs


Receive, strip, inspect, fixture check, weld repair, replace rings/spring clips, and recoat

Bullhorns/Transition Supports

Receive, inspect, fixture check, weld repair, and modify for extender packages

Transition Pieces

Receive, strip coating, fixture check, inspect weld repair, fixture check, heat treatment, coating, and fixture check


Receive, clean, inspect, weld repair, machine, straighten and recoat