Non-Destructive Testing / Quality Assurance

Every part that we manufacture undergoes a Non-Destructive Testing and Quality Assurance process. Gas turbine engine owners can be assured that every component we repair is subjected to a strict series of tests in order to qualify for use. We are dedicated to providing you with solutions that match or exceed the quality of OEM parts, all at a lower cost.

Inspection and Testing Capabilities
- Magnetic Particle
   • Portable Magnaflux power source
- Liquid Penetrant
   • Complete Red Dye and Zyglo penetrant unit
- CMM Digital Scanning
- CNC Coordinate Measurement
- Eddy Current
- Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX)
- Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
- Gauging and Dimensional
- Mass Airflow
- Moment Weigh
- Scanning Electron Microscope
- Surface Texture Measurement
- Ultrasonic
- X-ray
- XRF Spectrometer Analysis
- Metallurgical & Chemistry Laboratory

Quality Certifications